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Don't be left behind, get involved in the upcoming energy transition.

To manage your electricity consumption in a simple and automatic way, without compromising your needs, which will make your consumption more efficient and help the electricity system to become more and more renewable. This will result in a reduction in your bill, a reduction in carbon emissions, less investment in grids, batteries and generation, and therefore a more sustainable planet. Also, if you want to change and become more efficient, do not worry, we know how to do it and we will help you.

Our electricity industry and market is in the middle of a major transition as we respond to the unfolding climate crisis.

Flex Community is a cloud based, smart software platform that manages energy at a building and inter-building level. It has been developed in Spain by Stemy Energy with initial funding coming from COMILLAS university in Spain and MIT in the USA. It has been widely tested with involvement from the Spanish Government and a number of key Spanish utilities.

  • Flex Community monitors and learns about customer energy behaviour and building energy performance.
  • Flex Community predicts weather patterns and provides home automation and temperature control to ensure customer comfort levels whilst also maximising the potential of renewables to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Householders have freedom to let the system operate without their input, within the pre-set conditions, or to take control of their energy use through a mobile app.
  • Flex Community will facilitate participation in flexibility markets to provide demand response services when required.
  • Flex Community will provide feedback to householders with information on how participation in flexibility markets has reduced carbon emissions.

The software platform maximises the home’s energy efficiency whilst streamlining the energy flexibility of the grid. It is, in effect, a private energy broker for householders and a collective control and management tool for utilities.